Monday, June 21, 2010

One layer card???

Last week Susan at Simplicity issued a challenge like every Wednesday, a one layer card, the twist that week was the use of a flourish, I thought, yeah right I can do that, right???
Well, not really, no. I am doomed to stamp askew, there is no freaking way that I can achieve that!! I did try, like many, many times. Many. When suddenly I decided I really had no interest in putting a $60.00 order just to get more white PTI paper, so had to stop. My stamping soul was hurting, really, I was so pleased with my idea, it was going to be a hell of a card, I was sure (yeah, right!) so I left the pieces of my stamping soul and PTI budget laying there for me to see, I went to a better place: right in front of the t.v. with my one year old in the lap, eating m&m's and watching The West Wing, sweet!! Suddenly I send the girl to the floor, kindly of course, and had an illuminating moment: I can still use the image, right??? Oh yeah, "the most amazing card ever" was saved!!!!!!! So I went and trimmed.....and trimmed, and trimmed, and trimmed; and I learned a couple of things: I can't cut straight either, no way, right angles are an illusion, m&m's make everything better, except a one year old tummy, it is better to make a "not straight card" than to change the resulting diaper of m&m's . Who knew that making cards could make your life so "zen" or "un-zen"
So I went ahead and made the card anyways, because it cost me a whole lot of paper, zen thought, and a mildly case of diarrhea. Please be kind. :)

P.s. Sorry, the picture is not straight either!!


Sue Plote said...

I love it - so soft and pretty. Love the way you used the ribbon!

BonnieRose said...

Love the soft blue u chose.. gorgeous!

resmith said...

So pretty!! Love the softness of this card.

AnnElise said...

Beautiful clean and simple card!

Jennifer K said...

This card is just lovely, Mariana. I love the large flourish/damask and how it takes center stage.