Monday, February 14, 2011

Some Valentines!

Happy Valentine's day!
Such a nice day to remind the ones that make our lives special that they are loved and cherished!
I didn't have time to take pics of all my Valentine's but I have the one for my two older kiddos! (my 2 y.o. is not yet ready to be the recipient of a card, as she is a "paper gourmet" :) )
First the one for my darling daughter, she is 11 years old, and truly amazing, every single day I am surprised that that amazing human being came out of me! She is a kind, loving, caring, fashiony, opera lover, writer wannabe incredible little girl! I love her to pieces, God  certainly knew what He was doing,  when He send her to be my first, it just made me want a lot more kiddos!
Here is her card:

Simple and to point!

Then comes my 5 y.o. boy; oh boy, that is a boy!, rocker, magician, musician who writes songs for "girls with yellow hair" sweet as can be, every single day amazes me with his imagination, his strength, how loving he is with his sisters. An incredible boy, God has put some obstacles in his way, but that has only made him show what he is really made of! A fighter that's my guy! A real hero!
Here is his card:

He is a big fan of Krypto and Underdog, and this darling doggy kind of resembles them!
The one for my husband, is on his lunch bag, I just finished it last night and there was not enough light to take a good picture of it. When he comes back home I will try and take a good pic of it to show it to you!!

Have a great day with your loved ones!
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Friday, January 28, 2011

Little musical birdie..

I have been having fun with my new PTI goodies, this little cutie beg to be die cutted in felt! I have seen so many little birdies in felt lately that I had to try it!
The new musical background is just great! I am in love, now I NEED the impression plate too!
I used one of the Clean Simple Sketches, #123, great inspiration!
Here is my card!
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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

PTI January Blog Hop

It's time for another PTI Blog Hop! This time we are challenged to use our "less loved" stamp sets. I don't have that many sets, and I try to use them as I get them, but the ones that seem to "escape" from me, are the Fillable Frame series! I love them dearly, and I always get them, but I do not use them as often as I should!
So this time I have a card featuring the first fillable frame in the series with a sentiment from the number 8 in the series.  I also used SOME (I love to "collect it") of my patterned paper, and I went with a color that is totally hard for me to work with, purple! SO it's a triple challenge for me!

I am looking forward to all the inspiration from this Blog hop, thanks for visiting!!


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Moxie Fab-Bright and Bold

I finally got PTI's Dot Spot stamp set and I was itching to  try it when I found this color combo at the Moxie Fab blog and that was just the perfect inspiration for my new set!
Here is my card, I wanted to keep it very simple and with lots of white space to show the pretty dots!!

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I found this challenge and I love the colors and the inspiration on the blog, so I gave it a try!
And here is my card, I finally gave a try to inking the impression plate and loved the result! I try some of my new goodies that I was hoarding while I was feeling sick, so it was a lot of fun!
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Monday, January 17, 2011

A real challenge!

That is to be able to update my blog! Finally after a long while and a bit of stuff happening in our lives, I am able to update. I love the brightness of the last Tuesday Trigger

During my time of "inactivity" at least in the crafty side, I did browse trough many of my favorite blogs, and I found this gorgeous card by the very talented Laurie; I immediately tried to buy that die, but it's out of stock! So did some more browsing and found this tutorial, and I gave it a try. I like the results, but I think I still need the die, because my spiral was a bit off!
Here is my card:

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