Monday, February 14, 2011

Some Valentines!

Happy Valentine's day!
Such a nice day to remind the ones that make our lives special that they are loved and cherished!
I didn't have time to take pics of all my Valentine's but I have the one for my two older kiddos! (my 2 y.o. is not yet ready to be the recipient of a card, as she is a "paper gourmet" :) )
First the one for my darling daughter, she is 11 years old, and truly amazing, every single day I am surprised that that amazing human being came out of me! She is a kind, loving, caring, fashiony, opera lover, writer wannabe incredible little girl! I love her to pieces, God  certainly knew what He was doing,  when He send her to be my first, it just made me want a lot more kiddos!
Here is her card:

Simple and to point!

Then comes my 5 y.o. boy; oh boy, that is a boy!, rocker, magician, musician who writes songs for "girls with yellow hair" sweet as can be, every single day amazes me with his imagination, his strength, how loving he is with his sisters. An incredible boy, God has put some obstacles in his way, but that has only made him show what he is really made of! A fighter that's my guy! A real hero!
Here is his card:

He is a big fan of Krypto and Underdog, and this darling doggy kind of resembles them!
The one for my husband, is on his lunch bag, I just finished it last night and there was not enough light to take a good picture of it. When he comes back home I will try and take a good pic of it to show it to you!!

Have a great day with your loved ones!
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Dana said...

I LOVE that card for your son! The "ribbon" idea is marvelous Marianna. And the grid pattern on the Mat stack for your daughters card is so pretty. It really catches the eye.

Ana said...

simplemente hermosas