Thursday, September 30, 2010

I am trapped!

Now that I can make a bow, I am looking at my ribbon stash with a newfound love, of course I have ribbon. I craft, therefore I have ribbon, and bunches and bunches of it, mostly acquired during the scrapbooking frenzy of 2000 and something when we used to put ribbon with staples in every single LO, so ribbon is here, neglected, unloved, but here. But now I am giving him (it is a him, our relationship proves it) a second chance, let's see how it goes. I found this little spool, and decided to start with him. this is the result, I am happy to let you know that no ribbon was damaged in the making of this bow and I am happy with the results!!
I love this paper, I went to Michaels to use one the the gift cards I got for turning 40, to get the mythical ATG gun, and saw this lonely pad of  PP is called Life Stories from MME and is on kraft!!! How did I missed that one?? So I inmediatly put it to good use, or at least that's what I hope!!

Let me know what you think!


Sue Ann said...

Your bow is PERFECT and looks fab on this card.... love the red it really pops!!!

Jennifer K said...

Oh yes, ribbon from ages ago. I have plenty of it too! lol That paper is awesome - what a lucky find.

Dana said...

Oooh, this is awesome Mariana! I love that bow, especially on the kraft colored base.

Lori said...

Great bow and great card!!

Laurie said...

Great card and fabulous bow!