Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A style....

I have been stamping for some time now, and the hardest thing has proved to be "to find a style" I keep looking at blogs and admiring their work, use them as inspiration, but so far no style! I love to look at Nichole Heady's blog, she is awesome; I simply adore Betsy Vedman's creations, so subtle and shabby, and I go nuts over Maile Belles blog with all that CAS beauties! And if you notice they are all different styles, so no style for this Mexican girl!!
 During my philosophical quest for a stamping "me" (very different from a wii, mii) my strategy has been to be "inspired by" what means, I try to not blatantly steal someones creation but to use it as a beginning point, it's working so far, maybe one day I can fly solo!!!

So here are my creations, each one an ode to the ladies whose unknown work (at least to them) is to be my muse!!

This one is inpired by Nichole:

This one by Maille,

and this one by Betsy,




BethieJ said...

All of your cards are LOVELY Mariana!! (I LOVED your Mii reference! LOL! We love our Miis! HA HA!)

Dana said...

Mariana, I don't have a "style" either, and I think that's ok. I don't like to be put in categories and perfer to be eclectic anyway, creating what comes to me. Sometimes that's CAS, sometimes it's Shabby/chic, sometimes it's vintage and full of layers, but it's always "me" regardless! *grin*
I like the cards you make and don't want that to change, so just be true to yourself and what you are feeling and it will rock!
Of these 3 cards, the first is my full of texture!

Jen Carter said...

Your cards are all beautiful! You did a terrific job on them all! I think that the first one is my favorite!

Laurie said...

I love them all! You did a great job on these for sure!